File1, 2, & 3 for ademery2:

File1, 2, & 3 for ademery2:



"I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!"
She sat across the desk from me, squirming.
It was stifling, My suite runs hot
but most days it is bearable.
This student has turned in nothing,
rarely comes to class. When she does,
her eyes bore into me with a disdain
born long before either of us.
She doesn't trust anything I say.
She can't respect my station,
the words come out of these lips,
this face. My breathing
is an affront. It's me, she says.
I never was this student's professor-
her immediate reaction
seeing me at the smart board.
But I have a calling to complete
& she has to finish college,
return to a town where
she doesn't have to look at,
listen to or respect anyone
like me-forever tall, large
& brown in her dagger eyes,
though it's clear she looks down
on me. She can return-if not to her hometown,
another enclave, so many others, where
she can brush a dog's golden coat,
be vegan & call herself
a good person.


The Benefits Of Exercise
All my life I've been extra large, plus
I'm known as a very large fellow.
I would easily pass as a school district bus
If somebody pained me yellow.
"No secret to losing weight," I've been told.
"Just cut the fat from your diet."
"Get up and about even if it's cold."
Once again, I decided to try it.
But jogging was something senseless to me,
And riding a bike seemed insane.
Joining a gym involved a large fee,
And lifting weights was a pain.
So for exercise I choose horse back riding.
It's fun and easier than it sounds.
It's a very effective form of dieting
'Cause my horse lost forty pounds.


The Glass Eye
The joke was very funny
She laughed a lot of tears
When suddenly her eye fell out
And landed in her beer
She fished around
with her pudding spoon
But it just stared back
Through the beery gloom
She tired again
with her fountain pen
but she only saw it
Now and then
What to do
She tried to decide
Pondered and pondered
Sighed and sighed
In a fit of madness
She downed her drink
Swallowed her eye
With not even a blink
She rang her doctor
In a fit of remorse
Who simply advised her
"Let nature take its course"
I believe she's still waiting
It's playing hide and seek
So she's had to buy another eye
To see her through the week

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