October 14, 2008

To:    A Student

Fr:    T Boss

Re:    New Branch for PEO

We’ve found the space for the new branch and attached
is a sketch
showing where the walls and desks will be.  This office
will handle payroll and human resources for the Phantom Resources’s southeast
region, approx 2,500 employees, so
we have to hit the ground running.

We’ll move your ‘system administrator’ desk to this new office, and you’ll continue to support
the network at your current branch. We’ll promote Suzy Smiley to be your helper there and you should
be able to do most everything remotely.

We met with the guy from FWD Software today and the new branch manager and
here’s what they say we need to install:

We’ll be using ScorPEO software for our payroll processing and their rates are
attached here.  We need a ScorPEO license for every PC in the office,
including the ones in the demo room. 

Please get 24 hours of their Data Conversion, and two days of
onsite training.   That will make six nights at the Embassy Suites for their
programmer/trainer. Airfare from Boston will be $695 for the round trip

In the server room we need two quick Intel-based workstations, one for the firewall/router and the other
for the application server. Get these and a license for RedHat Enterprise, which will cover two CPUs. 

For compatability with FW Davison’s distributions we need a 4mm DAT tape backup system.
It doesn’t have to be a newer, larger capacity unit.
12 GBytes of storage per tape (24 compressed) will work fine. It can be an internal unit on the Linux
server or external. This is a SCSI drive so make sure the mainboard for the app server has SCSI or get
a SCSI II PCI card.

Get a nice, managed, ethernet switch large enough to handle the new setup + some expansion.
The managed switch will save time when problems occur.

Get one Vista Business Desktop PC with a nice 17 or 19 inch LCD display for each Individual (circled 1s).
In the demo/lounge get 4 notebook computers we can set up when needed for training, and put a WAP in there.
Except for the ‘Payroll’ desks and in the demo/lounge area, each PC should have a nice color InkJet printer.  

Get a copy of Microsoft Office for every PC and notebook computer. Find ‘site license’ pricing.

There should be UPSs, maybe 400 KVA on every machine except the notebook computers. Get a couple of big ones, 1500 KVA will do, in the
computer room for the firewall/router, application server and the network equipment. 
I don’t believe we need a gas or diesel powered backup now.

Put two ethernet-enabled Hewlett-Packard or Lexmark laser printers on the counter outside of the
network/computer room for payroll, one for check printing and the other for payroll reports. We need HP or Lexmark
because they are PCL-5 compliant and the ScorPEO software requires that.

Get a nice big multifunction (color laser printer/copier) to sit on the floor next to the counter in the payroll work room.
It will be used for printing employee handbooks and policy/procedure manuals for our client companies.
Make sure it has multi trays, can handle 11 X 17 inch paper, and has a ‘bindery’ attachment so we can
automate the production of these manuals.

Budget for a toner cartridge for each printer every month. MAKE SURE to get magnetic toner for the check printer!
For the ink jet printers in individual’s offices, budget for a black&white; and color cartridge every six months.

We got a good deal on DSL for the office’s internet connection,
$175/mo for 3 mbps. The T1 for the telephone will be $400/month including unlimited local & long-distance. Please
include both these in the annual maintenance section.

We will be using a Linux box as the router/firewall for the office and it needs to have 3 NICs in it.
One NIC will attach to the DSL modem supplied with the DSL connection, one to the application server,
and one to the switch for the office LAN.

The PBX & telephones are bought under a separate agreement from our telco & alarm supplier in Rochester, so do
not include these on your bill of details.
He asks that we should get whoever wires the network to add
extra drops for the phones — everything can be CAT5e or CAT6.  ‘We Be Wiring’
says they’ll do the wiring for $65 a drop and the phone guy says
he can’t touch that. So, for each Individual’s desk put at least two drops, one for phone and one for LAN.
Put two ‘spares’ in each closed office in case we need more faxes or anything in the future.

Please get me good-looking purchase orders for the initial purchase & installation together.
Give me ‘the numbers’ for annual maintenance in a separate section.

Get any questions answered asap and we can send out the Purchase Orders as soon as The Big Boss approves. 

Use Visio or something that will make a
nice floorplan and network diagram. Make sure to show the patch panel and premises wiring accurately. 

Plan to head out here a few days before Davison’s guys show up to get it all
setup and working, so we won’t be paying him to cool his heels.
We want to go live at this new branch on January 1st.


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