Waleed AlZahrani

Semantic Markup

Semantic Markup means that the words used in the website page are in HTML. HTML shows the semantics in words and mainly used in website and it could be used and processed by many browsers and website. It allows web crawlers and spiders to have an idea what the web page is about, typically done through keywords.

Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization helps search engines to find a specific website and it assures that websites are accessible. This feature improves search engines way of looking up and finding a website. It helps many users of search engines to find websites relative to their queries and also improve their results affirmatively.

Example: Smartphones, Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Marketplace, Sales, Profit and Business. These would all be keywords found on a website or article that is discussing the business of Smartphones.

Semantic 508 Accessibility

Semantic 508 Accessibility is a great feature that requires federal agencies to provide software and website to be accessible by people of disability. This feature can give permission or access to all websites and to all users. They are efficient and very compatiable with many technologies

How Are They Related?

They all relate to each other in terms of making the user able to find what they are searching and utilize technology in the easiest way. They all work together and involve improving the quality of web surfing, reading online and using the technology in general in a more efficient way. Semantics feed into SEO in that they tell the bot what the webpage is about, but there are other factors to SEO such as mobile optimization and geographical location relative to where the search comes from.