Development of Smartphones

What is a Smartphone?

A Smartphone is a type of device that is made as a multi-purpose computing device. The chips within these devices allow it to have features such as;

  1. Internet Browsing
  2. Multimedia (Gaming, music, video, and camera)
  3. Navigation (GPS)
  4. Assistant (Google Assistant and Siri
  5. Regular Phone Communication

Timeline of Smartphones

First Android 2

The first smartphone was created in 1992, the 'Simon Personal Communicator (SPC). It was the first phone at it's time to have features that inluded, touch screen with the ability to fax and email. It wasn't until 2001 that they were able to connect smartphones to the Internet wirelessly, giving the ability to video conference and large attachment emails.

The First iPhone

First iPhone

2007 was when Apple and Steve Jobs came out with the very first iPhone. It featured an iPhone OS system and was able to run applications such as; Business, Enterprise. Windows XP Home, etc..The OS kept updating until it got to OS 3.2 and the first iPhone was unable to hold that as it was meant for the iPad.

The First Android

First Android

Android also followed suit and released their first 'Smartphone' the following year in 2008. It lacked the features Apple had, and included a physical keyboard, which to some was uncool. However,Android OS had the trademarks of Google, which giving it product/service from Google.

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