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Technical Brief.


Attempting to manage hundreds or thousands of students, employees, or customers is a particularly daunting and even overwhemling task to imagine, let alone accomplish. Whether it be to engage, train, or service the users, this is proved to be a challenging endeavor by many. However, with the advancement of technology and its implementation in almost every sector, management tasks as an administrator, teacher, and student have been made easier with the development of a learning management software, otherwise referred to as LMS.

What is LMS?

LMS has a variety of different uses, however it most primarily services business and educational insititutions. Business and educational use this tool to be able to staff, train, and educate their employees or students. The size of the is not a huge deciding factor when it comes to the use and implementation of this software, rather it can be used across all institutions, big and small. It can also be thought of as a organizational database that cane be used for the storage and tracking of information. LMS is made up of two primary componenets; a server side that runs managment functions such as courses, notifications, updates, authenticating users, and data as well as a user side that is has similar fucntions to an email web browser. It allows for students, administrators, and teachers to receieve information and communicate, There are a number of learning management softwares and it is unlikely for it to not be utilized in every space. The most popular amongst users are Blackboard, and its prime competitor Moodle.


Blackboard Learning System is the primary LMS for colleges and universities. On behalf of students, this is where they'll find all of their course information, what classes they are enrolled in, access to their grades, information covered during class sessions, announcements from professors, just to name a few. Teachers and administration use Blackboard as a means to communicate with their students, post discussion boards, post syllabi and lecture notes. The software even goes as far as allowing the administration of online quizzes and exams that students can complete. Blackboard serves as a intermediary of sorts between teachers and students, as information on how to contact one another is a key facet of the software. It utilizes technology that goes beyond face-to-face interaction, unfolding a limitless array of possibilities within an education context. To give a brief history of the conception of LMS, we begin at the development of blackboard considering it was the first learning management software to be. Michael Chasen and Matthew Pittinsky, both educational advisors, founded Blackboard LLC in 1997. During the early development stages, it was considered a consulting company that aided digital learning systems with technical standards. After joining forces with course managment software startup called CoureseInfo LLC in 1998, Blackboard Inc flourised as ti set off towards success. When Blackboard went public in summer of 2004, initial stock offerings were intended to rise to a whopping $75 million. There is much riding on this LMS, as they are known for a plethora of distinct facets that make this software particularly viable and appealing


The market for video game consoles has been a rough road. Many companies have attempted to join the market, but have failed. It has been a rollercoaster of different companies taking over the market and losing to other companies when a new console is released. These manufacturers must stay on top of their game, because newer and better consoles are being released constantly. Atari was the first to dominate the market with their release of the PONG system. Atari soon failed due to being unorganized, and not focusing on the design of their games. After the failure of Atari, Nintendo took over the market causing Sega and Sony to also join the game console market. Nintendo then lost the market "to the current console industry leader, Sony."(Williams, pg. 3). The companies that dominated the market was constantly changing, because whenever a company "became dominant, it acquired and then abused its market power."(Williams,pg.3). Every company's goal was to become dominant in the market. In their attempts to become the dominant company "each firm released a system incompatible with the others"(Williams,pg.3). Now the companies that dominate the market are; Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. The market is continuously changing, and the companies have to keep up to stay relevant.

New LMS entering the Market

Video game consoles are constantly being created and every new console released is always better than the last. Everyone wants the next best thing. Video games have changed a lot from when they were first created. The question now is, what will video game consoles look like and what features would they have in the future? With such a fast-paced market, one can only expect the next thing to be released to contain features that have not been seen or created before. Whether it's speed, RAM, CPU, graphics, a bigger hard drive, and features; each new console released by a company has had better specs than the last one. With newer technologies arising in the market, more innovation and collaboration are occurring as well. One innovation for how graphics and media are displayed would be Virtual Reality. Virtual reality is also starting to take on a role in the video game console market. The most basic definition of VR would be stimulated 3D worlds viewed through goggles strapped to your face. At first it was an idea that was only seen in movies but now, it is starting to become a reality. "Sony unveiled its first virtual reality device for video games."(Statt,2015). Virtual reality products have already made an appearance into the market. Samsung created its Virtual Reality goggles, and now other companies are following in suit. The virtual reality concept will change the way video games are thought of today. Video game consoles "feature internet ports, e-mail capability and the ability to play both audio CDs and DVD movies."(Williams,pg.10). Many companies are looking into future console systems not being a box, and instead having them on DVD's. The only worry about this is that consumers view console systems as toys, and with DVD's dying out it may cause consumers to not want to purchase them. We can expect to see a huge change in the next video game console released.


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Semantic Markup.

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Section 508-Accessibility

Section 508 is an amendment in the United States Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973 mandating that all electronic and information technology developed, maintained or used by the federal government be accessible to people with disabilities.

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