Hottest 3 Programming Languages in the Market in 2017

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Introduction to Programming Languages PYTHON C++ JAVA SEMANTIC SUMMARY

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MISSION:This site will help you have an understanding of the different programming languages that are in the market in 2017.

Whether you are a developer, or interested in knowing more about what's hot in the market, this is the website for you. Click here to learn more about what programming languages really are.

Rank by Demand

This is ranking of languages by highest demand of employers. IEEE Spectrum synthesized 12 metrics, from 10 sources starting with Google Search, Google Trends, Twitter, Github, Stack Overflow, Reddit, Hacker News, and many more are analyzed and synethesized to find what employers are looking for right now as per of language demand. Each sources cover contexts that include social chatter, open source code production, and job postings. To learn more, visit IEEE Spectrum where you can be updated with more news.

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Rank by Popularity

This is a ranking by, where popularity of rank for each programming languages are shown as of 2017. This index is updated once a month and ratings are based on the number of engineers around the world, courses, third party vendors. Popular search engines such as Google, Amazon, Youtube are used to calculate these metrics. To ensure we look at only the most popular languages as of right now, the cutoff was the top five languages as of November 2017.



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