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Semantic Markup

Semantic markup is used in HTML to convey the meaning of displayed information on webpages and applications. Semantic elements describe their contents to the browser. They're also helpful for visually impaired people trying to navigate a webpage. Semantic elements indicate the structure of the document with tags like header, footer, and nav. These semantic tags are important for accessibility and readability.

Section 508 Standards are a set of criteria that apply to web-based information, applications and other computer technology. They are requirements for functional capabilitys that all information technology obtained by the federal government must meet. Section 508 was included as an amendment of the Rehabilitation Act and is part of the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of augmenting web pages so that they appear higher up or more frequently in search results. Typically, web pages that are semantically marked up, adhere to section 508 standards, and are responsive and mobile friendly are considered more optimized and will appear more in search engine results than sites without these components.