The Nintendo Switch:Market Share Comparison & Hardware Breakdown

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Nintendo's 2006 release of the Wii was their most coveted console release that brought them all time highs, tripling their stock value in less than a year. However since then, Nintendo was stuck in a ditch after the Wii U, the Wii's successor, saw all time lows. With the ever-so growing gaming industry, Nintendo needed to bounce back to keep up with the industry leading Sony and Microsoft. March 3, 2017 marked the release that would once again, make Nintendo a contending leader in the gaming console industry. The first ever convergance of hendheld and hold console gaming, The Nintendo Switch. This website is going to break down the hardware of Nintendo's console that once again, put them in the race with the other industry leaders. Along with the hardware breakdown, You will find out the history of the volatile market company that is Nintendo.