The Enterprise Resource Planning Market

What are Enterprise Resource Planning Systems ?

ERP systems are business process managment software that organizations use to integrated the many functions of business and automate many of offic fuctions. Most ERP software typically consists of multiple enterprise sofware modules that that can be used together and fit to specfic needs of the organization. Below are some of the most common moduels organizations use 1. Accounting Systems,2. HR,3. Manufacturing,4. Order Processing,5. Supply Chain Management,6. Project Management

Three of the most used ERP systems are Microsofts Dynamics, Oracle, And SAP. Microsoft Dynamics as it today started in 2006 and provided services for all sized busisnesses. Microsoft Dynamics stregeths inclued ease of customization,high flexibility, ease of integration, and data dimenison- enabled tracking of physical moves and financial transactions. Oracle has differnt ERP products such as JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel CRM, etc. Orcale strength inclued Strong finance and accounting functionality, Advanced pricing mouule supports complex pricing scenarios, Well bulit IT architecture, and Strong product configuartor. SAP is the leader of the ERP market and has been in the market since the start.SAP stregeths inclued Strong product development functionality, Integrated retail module, Clearvisibility to goods in transit orders, and strong cash management functionality.

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