About Commercial Solutions for Office Software

In the world of business, there are many ways in which a business will take to achieve its objectives and often, they will use commercial solutions for office software ("A New Day for Office Productivity Solutions."). This form of software grants a business to document daily operations, share those documents, and present them. Having the ability to do this through these programs allows for a business to prioritize its daily operations and log information. Some of the most important softwares available for office productivity are Microsoft Office, Google Tools, and Apache OpenOffice. Office productivity software is widely available in a few forms: hard copy, downloaded over the internet, and operated on the internet. The hard copies are sold in brick and mortar stores such as Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot just to name a few. Hard copies are then uploaded to a PCs storage by the user. As for the software downloaded over the internet, the package remains the same but allows the end consumer to have the convenience of installing it wherever they might be. Lastly, the software that is useable over the internet lets the user create, edit, save, and access files through a cloud computing service. Google Tools offers this cloud computing service ("20 Best Office Software Solutions in 2019.") and the new Microsoft Office 2019 version has moved towards this feature too ("Comparing Microsoft Office to Open Source Alternatives," 2016). As stated previously, these programs can run directly on the OS or through the cloud on a web browser. When ran directly on the PC, the files will be saved to the storage unit while it will be saved to the cloud when on a web browser. One aspect of saving to the cloud will require internet access while the installed software will not need internet access. They can be run on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Linux ("Comparing Microsoft Office to Open Source Alternatives," 2016).