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What is a gaming system?

A gaming system, specifically a console gaming system, is essentially a highly specialized computer that is made for interactive video gameplay. Being built like a PC, a console gaming system has the basic components a PC has. This includes a central processing unit, graphics processing unit and random-access memory. You might be thinking, why is a console gaming system much cheaper than a PC if they use the same components? Well, console gaming systems use older CPU versions to offset costs making them cheaper to produce.

What are the differences between PC and Console Gaming Systems?

Even console gaming systems have common components, they are very different systems. The first difference that is noticeable is their purpose. Gaming systems are specifically made and designed for the sole purpose of playing video games. Throughout the history of console gaming systems, this has stayed a constant and the main focus even when other features have been introduced in gaming systems. On the other hand, the general purpose of PC is to perform calculations, store information, retrieve data and process information. This allows it to have various functions based on the users need. Users can use a PC for complex tasks like programming and run other systems. They can also use it for entertainment purposes like watching videos and even playing games. PC's are made to be a multi-purpose while console gaming systems are more of an entertainment based tool. As considered earlier, another obvious difference between a PC and console gaming is their price point. A new gaming system costs anywhere between $300-$500. Of course, you can get a PC for that price which can be used for basic computing needs. A PC capable of high powered graphics and other high-powered tasks would cost anywhere near $700-$1200+.

Market share and Future

The gaming market is huge with over 1.8 console players and an additional 1.2 billion PC players. ( Video games sales have amounted at 71.3 billion dollars and counting as of 2016 and is expected to grow exponentially to 90 billion by 2020. The 3 leadiding industry leaders when it comes to video games are Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo. For the last 4 years Sony has dominated the console gaming industry selling over 21 million units sold while Xbox and Nintendo combined only have 20 units sold. Sony dominates the gaming industry accounting for over 50 percent of consolegaming sales.