The Future

Companies have made the steps to fully use the cloud as their primary IT strategy and foundation for the future.


• 2018 business customers will be making important decisions on cloud vendors who can understand their business, industries, needs and opportunities

• As cloud marketplace changes, those technologies are becoming tables stakes in the clouds

• The next generation of cloud computing will focus on abstracting virtual infrastructure and operational processes

• Machine learning will be simpler

• Along with public, private, and hybrid cloud, multi-cloud has entered lexicon

• Principle consultant with Avoa said people will need a number of different services for number of different mechanisms, so hybrid or multi-cloud approach will be default

• Roads might lead to public cloud

• Enterprises and ISV customers will be moving towards hybrid cloud

• According to the IDC, companies will spend $127 billion by 2018 on public cloud computing

• Cloud computing market projected to reach $411 Billion by 2020