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What Is a Cellphone Provider?

No matter where you are in today's society most likely can look beside you to the left and and right of you and if there is somebody beside you they are most likely on thier cellphone. Old and young people alike have cellphone's whether it is an iPhone or an Android or even one of the throwbacks like the Blackberrys and flip phones. A cellphone has gone from being a want to becoming more like a necessity. Modern cellphones are no longer just for making phone calls and receiving texts, they have become so much more. So you may be asking yourself who is responsible for supplying us consumers with cellphones? Look no further than a cellphone carrier. A cell phone carrier is a service provider that supplies us with cell phones but also with the data, talk, and text that we use on our cell phones. In order for a cell phone provider to be a legit company they must obtain a radio spectrum license that must be acquired from the government. The purpose of a carrier is to provide its customers with support with any issues with the cellphone service and network.