A Revolution in Mobile Technology

Prior to 1992, mobile phones were only used for simple communication features such as call and text. IBM's Simon Personal Communicator would change the industry entirely. This first smartphone came with a touch screen, e-mail, fax, a calendar, and other various smartphone apps. While the public was wary at the time, these features and much more are now essential to daily activities. Today, smartphone use is deeply ingrained in many facets of life such as business, education, travel, and entertainment. For many users, smartphones are almost as necessary as food and water. Who wants to go back to reading a map when a phone will provide one with exact directions? Who wants to go back to needing a radio or computer for music when everything one could want to hear is right there in a pocket? If every smartphone were to be destroyed this second, the world would crumble. Depending on your method, you might not even still be reading this.

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