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Background on Social Media

Social media is a interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilates the creation and sharing of information. Ever since the birth of social media it made the world a lot smaller by allowing people from around the world to interact with each other. Social media has a great impact on our society and our economy. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram greatly changed the way we communicate in the this new era of technology. This website will discuss how social media platforms generate money, how they impact the market and economy, and the leading social media platorms in this day.

Social Media

Social Media Platforms

Some of the top social media platforms this website will discuss is Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Each of these platforms perform certain niches to the maximum capacity allowing for them to be so sucessful. These platorms generate billions of dollars in revenue in many ways and have a great impact on the market and economy.


Market for Social Media

Social media platforms generate huge volumes of profit through the use of advertisements and other means. Facebook itself generated about $13.2 billion in revenue in the first quarter of 2018. Research has shown that more marketers are looking into investing in social media platforms. Facebook advertisers increased their spending by 49% which is about $40 billion dollars. The growth of social media and the fiscal opportunity for profit will continue to increase in the future.