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"Proprietary Unices vs. FOSS alternatives"

I choose this topic because every once in a while, I'd wonder how prevelent commercial Unix operating systems were in the marketplace and how well they were fairing against the FOSS (free open source software) crowd. I'd reckon it would be and intresting investigation , escpecially after Linux's explosion in popularity over the years. Back in the 90's everyone ran vendor specific RISC CPU's for thier high-performance server platforms along with a flavor of commercial Unix to top it all off. AIX, IRIX, Solaris, they along with a couple others used to be pretty popular back in the day when Linux as just starting to gain momentum.

But now a days i don't hear too much about them anymore. In fact, every now and then i'd hear some horror stories from people trying to migrate away from such platforms, like the poor soul that tried to virtualize his SCO Openserver rather then switch over to a new platform. Not to mention a lot of modern Linux ditros have dropped support for a lot of these RISC platforms. For instance, I know that not a lot of distros support stuff like DEC Alpha and SPARC anymore, it's all i386 and amd64 now a days. Such stories hint at decline and don't provide a good initial impression of thier market health. Then again, that's why I set out to find current market data, so I don't have to rely on impressions and rumors from people.