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When people hear word Sony first thing that comes to their mind is PlayStation. As you know, PlayStation have gone through many generations and in today PS4 is their top line system. Sony's first foray in the video games market was with Nintendo back in 1988 when both companies were partners. The dissolved in their partnership was the reason PlayStation came to our world. The PlayStation 4 is considered number one console system today beating Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U. The PlayStation 4 have way more memory bandwidth compare to Xbox One. The PS4 can call on 8GB of 5500Mhz GDDR5 Ram, giving it a lot more memory bandwidth than the 2133Mhz DDR3 the Xbox One relies on. Overall PS4 hardware is bit more powerful than Xbox One. Just ike Xbox One and Nintendo Will U, PlayStation 4 offers execlusive games just for PlayStation 4 such as Uncharted Series. From the release date of PS4 to 2016, Sony has sold more then 50 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide (Samitm Sarkar). After the release of PlayStation 4, Sony announced two other different models to stay on top against other comepetitors. The PS4 Pro is powerfl version of original PS4 with a faster graphics processor and support for 4K and HDR TVs. The other model is called PS4 Slim which is smaller and cheaper version of the orignal PS4.

PlayStation 4 Market Share

Sony dominated the game console hardware, software and service market in 2016, capturing a total of 57% share, or $19.7 billion of spending by gamers, according to market researcher HIS Markit. THe PS4 is responsible for $17.8 billion of sales value, or 51 percent share of the total console hardware market with Microsoft's Xbox One at $9.1 billion and a 26% share(IHS). The PS4 outsold the Xbox One by 687,448 units for the month and the Wii U by 987,394 units. The PS4 has sold 54.82 million units lifetime (William D'Angelo).


Microsoft is considered one of the top contender in gaming system along with Sony and Nintendo. The origin of Xbox series goes back in 1998 when first gaming system was developed by Microsoft. The console was called DirectX Box, intended to be the first game system built like a PC. The company wanted a unique name and that's where Xbox came into our life. AFter the success in Xbox, the company built more advancded gaming system following up Xbox model called Xbox 360. When Xbox 360 first hit the market, it was more then a success. The Xbox 360 broke a world record, having arrived in 36 countries. The Xbox 360 was cheaper than PS4 giving advantages in the market share and dominated other competitors not just for price but for performances as well. However, after the release of their newest model Xbox One, Microsoft have been losing that top spot to PlayStation 4. As we all know Microsoft as having one of the best operating system in this world, Xbox One benefits from it as well since its from the same company. Xbox One Features Window operating systems unlike other gaming systems. Even though Xbox One has many great features such as the next-generation Kinect, it still holds many flaws compare to PS4.

Xbox One Market Share

Xbox One had a strong quarter in the United States, but Microsoft's gaming overall decline (Jeff Grubb). Xbox One won U.S. console market share for Q1 according to Microsoft's quarterly financial report. Microsoft also mentioned about their Xbox Live continuning to grow in the market. Xbox Live monthly active users grew 21 percent to 47 million people (Jeff Grubb). Even though Xbox One won market share for Q1, they're still lacking against PS4. THe last estimate of worldwide console sales through the end of 2015, it showed Xbox One with about 57% as many systems sold as the PS4(21.49 million vs 37.7 million)(Kyle Orland). Xbox One has sold 28.28 million units lifetime (William D'Angelo).


Nintendo has such a long history when it comes to gaming systems. However, for this we will focus mainly on Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo Wii U, codenamed as Project Cafe, is an 8th generation video game console. Nintendo Wii U was first gaming console to feature 1080p HD visuals and online experinece among other Nintendo gaming consoles. What makes unique about Wii U was the gamepad. The Wii U gamepad was a tablet like controller with screen built to it, allowing streaming content from the console. Nintendo Wii U have their own exclusive games such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Melee which are considered to be top 10 games among all other games. It was also the first of the motion-activated systems, making it the most popular console around the world to date. It tracks your movements when you hold a simple, stick-like controller in your hand as you dance or hurl a javelin or jump hurdles (Guest Contributor). Nintendo Wii U pretty much dominates among younger kids due to being intuitive and easy to set up. Nintendo Wii U can ebe considered family gaming systems because it features variety of Mario game Series such as Mario Kart and Mario Party. Unlike PS4 and Xbox One, Wii U cannot play CDs or DVDs.

Wii U Market Share

Compare to PS4 and Xbox One, Wii U was placed last in total sales with just 13,843,880 (William D'Angelo). The Wii U beat the PS4 and Xbox One to the market by a year but still places last in sales. The Wii U has sold 13.84 million units lifetime (William D'Angelo).

Computer Gaming

Back then computer gaming never stood chance against console gaming. However, with the introduction of the Steam, the computer gaming took step forward in gaming era. Steam was an online platform which provided users to buy games, communite with other players and features mutiplayer tournaments. Steam was estimated to be the reason behind 70% of the digital distribution market for video games back in 2012 (Agent Clayton). There are couple advantages that only steam can provide to gamers. First, Steam always have some sort of special promotions for games and its lot cheaper than buying it from the store. Steam also offers variety of free games the users can download. Second, once you purchase the game, you can keept it forever because it will be linked to the account and can be re-downloaded anytime from anywhere with just the account. For gamers who cannot afford gaming consoles they can choose to just buy the games through Steam if they have personal computer at home. Steam was also one of the first platforms to build in anti-cheat system, Valve Anti Cheat(VAC) and PunkBusters, to stop hackers and cheaters from taking advantage in-game (Agent Clayton).

Steam Market Share

According to Sergey Galyonkin, the paid game market on Steam was worth $3.5 billion in 2015. More than 350 milllion games were sold through Steam. Despite the rapid growth, Steam's numbers for 2016 stayed same as 2015 which was $3.5 billion (Matthew Handrahan).

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