Giovanni Funes Tech Brief

Semantic Markup

Semantic markup is used in HTML coding in order to add better accesibility and presentation to the user. It used to reinforce the meaning behind the HTML coding. Semantic elements include using a tag with emp instead of i for creating italics. This allows italics to be coded using CSS allowing emphasis to be shown elsewhere. Semantic markup also neatly organizes your code. By adding header or main tag elements before coding, it allows the viewer to easily know and understand ehat it is they are looking at.

Section 508-Accessability

Section 508 is a law that congress amended to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This required federal agencies to make their electronic information easily accesible to anyone who may visit the site and have disabilities.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization involves search engines gathering results from free, organic, editorial, or natural webpages. This prevents corporations from paying to be shown as the first result in your search. This allows the most relevant information to appear first.

All three of these combined allows for broad accesibility for a world wide audience. Search Engine optimization prevents anyone from getting an upperhand and allows the most relevant information to appear first. Both Semantic Markup and the Section 508 improve accessibilty for those with disabilities.