Google VS Other Search Engines

Google VS Others

Google VS Bing

About Bing

Bing, a rather new search engine, came about in 2006. This search engine came about when its predecessors, Windows Live Search, and MSN combined. Bing and Google are the mosr popular search engines in the world, with Bing coming in second to Google. The two search engines share many similarities! Some of this include, but are not limited to:

  • Ranking Principles
  • Advertisments
  • Search Functions

Search Features

Google has the highest market share in the world, obtaining over 90% of it. Bing has a market share of about 2.75%, ranking just below Google.When looking at the search features between the two earh engines, differences can be spotted right away. When it comes to video and searches, Bing is best known for its layout. Rather than the usual video layout, Bing actually displays thumbnails that users can watch without exiting Bing. Not only that, but their image search features allow users to toggle between portrait or and landscape images.

Google VS Bing: SEOs

Bing also takes backlinks into account,however, they have less of a focus on them. Much like with Google, websites that contain a higher amount of backlinks are more likely to receive higherrankings. Both search engines are keen to keywords, but each one focuses on different results. Google is more dependent on content involving text, whereas Bing likes to place their focus on imagery (photos, videos, etc). Another big difference are these search engine's crawling ability. Bing crawls through far less web pages than Google,making website optimization crucial. Bing is morereliant upon keywords, meta tags and etc, whereas Google is more focused on semantic markup up and page content.

Google VS Bing

Google VS Yandex

About Yandex

Yandex, created in Moscow, launched in 1997. This search engine was founded by Arkady Borkovsky and Arkadt Volozh. Yandex is a very popular search engine in Russia. In fact, Yandex ranks second to Google when it comes to market share in Russia. Google comes in at 58.37%, while Yandex comes in at 39.07%. Yandex also has a large global reach , currently ranking number 5 with 0.5% in the WorldWide Search Engine Market. Yandex, much like Google is able to provides search results for images, maps and etc.

Google VS Yandex


Being that Yandex was birthed in Russia, it's only right that the search engine speaks the language. Since the language is able to be read by the computer, Yandex is able to index a lot of Russian cotnent. This is benefical to their Russian target audience because it not only expands te index, but it also provides better results to the users. Showing the confidence that they have i their searches, Yandex allows you to compare it to the competition. They provide an option for users to see their search engine results pages (SERPs) compared to other highly ranked search engine SERPs. The search engine's focus on regionality is also a feature that seperates it from the rest. With this users are able to get results more specific to their location without having to explicitly state where they are.This is benefical for local business owners.

Google VS Yandex: SEOs

There are quite a few differences when it comes to these search engiene's SEOs. Being that Yandex region-specific, regionality is the biggest difference between these two. Not only that, but they also share a great deal of differences in their crawling methods. Google crawls the web daily looking for things to index, but Yandex does this as little as a few times a month. Also, Yandex is stricter when it comes to what web pages should be indexed. Much like Google, they look at the optimization of a website, however, they also look at the over optimization of websites. Websites that have things such as redundancy also risk the chance of raking low.

Google VS DuckDuckGo

About DuckDuckGo

DDG, formally known as DuckDuckGo, was created in 2008 by Gabriel Weinburg.After three years of being a self-funded company, other companies began financially backing the company, leading tocompany expansion.

DuckDuckGo Privacy


One of the big things that sets Duck Duck Go apart from other searh engines, including Google, is privacy. DDG, does not track thir users, meaning that personal information is not collected and shared. According to their website, after clicking a link they reroute the requet in a way that will not send your information out. Not only that, but they also have a feature called Smarter Answers. Witht his feature, Duck Duck Go says that they show over 450 instant answers before showing links. On the downside, this website does not have personalized search results.

Google VS DuckDuckGo: Seos

DuckDuckGo, unlike Google, considers building backlinks the absolute most important optimization factor. Links coming from websites with a higher authority can significantly boost your websites ranking with DuckDuckGo's SEO. Much like Google, DDG also likes websites using proper semantics. JSON-LD is most preferred by both. Having a good understanding of your audience is also best when using DDG, Being that a majority of their popularity stems from their privacy, this negatively affects local results.However, a good way to get recognized despite this would be focussing on keywords. Another way to improve rankings with DDG is by taking advantage of their Instarnt Answers feature. This can be done by provide clear, precise answers to a search query.