Hard Disk Drives

What are Disk Drives?

Hard drives are a non-volatile storage, which allows them to keep your data safe and availiable even when your computer or server is powered off. These drives are help determine your transfer speed between files and in todays age can hold up to 14 terabytes of storage!

SATA Disk drives are the most common that you see online and SATAIII, it today's top tier hard hard drive in terms of speed and performance for consumer use. SCSI drives are more expensive, but don't have the higher price tag for show, however usually used exclusive for enterprises.

In today's storage market, there is tape, cloud, optical, disks and other options for what you can choose to put your data on. You can either have the option of an internal drive or an external drive. These upcomming and new appearances in the storage market have made the hard drive market struggle and with the solid state drive market appear, it has made it all the more difficult for hard drive marketers.

Current Market leaders attempt to innovate and 'hold out,' while the solid state market slowly takes over their market share, Currently in 2017, Seagate sets out towards HAMR, Western Digital seeks MAMR, Toshiba another market leader is rumored to be doing the poorest, and other hard drive companies explore innovations towards what may or may not be the disk drive future.