Semantic Markup, Section 508 Accessibility, and SEO: Search Engine Optimixation

Understanding Semantic Markups & more


Semantic Markup

Semantic Markup is HTML which shows the meaning of the web page instead of just presenting. Semantic markup is important because it provides information about the document. Semantic tags help the browser know the meaning of the page and what it contains. This also helps search engines deliver the right answers to questions.`

Section 508

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation act is an act that requires federal agencies to develop and maintain information and communication technology to be accessible for people with disabilities. This act is for anyone with a disability even if they do not work with the federal government.

SEO: Search Engine Optimixation

SEO: Search Engine Optimixation increases the quality and quantity of traffic to to websites. There are three things that go into SEO such as organic results, quality of traffic, quantity of traffic. Organic results are search engine results pages(SERP) that show because of relevance to the search term. Quality of traffic means attracting vistors who actually want to see your page. Quantity of traffic means that the right people are clicking SERPs and traffic is better. SEO works by using crawlers that gathers information on the internet. Thenthe crawlers brings back binary numbers to the search engine to build an index. That index helps build an algorithm to match the best data.

How they are they relate

With the latest version of HTML being HTML5 this helps for improved websites and better findings from search engines. With HTML5 special named containers help search engines and web browsers understand how web pages arearranged.