GPS VS. Autonomous Driving

"An introduction into the advancement of technology"

Outlook on Technologies Development

Future of Technology

In the world people operate in today, technology and engineering have become the focal point. The way in which people interact, communicate, and even transport is catalyzed through technology. As startup companies try and seize the opportunity provided by these advancements to create newer and more efficient methods of transport. Autonomous Driving is the newest advancement which essentially derives from the Global Positioning System, commonly referred to as GPS. Although many individuals worry how quickly technology is advancing others believe that the positive override the negatives, because of the healthy business competition, potential savings costs, and future developments.

As technology develops it becomes more and more essential to understand the basics and be familiar with the foundation due to the commonality of these inventions. Whether it is laser cameras recording object positioning similar to satellites consistently monitoring the location of receivers the principle of each design remains identical. Even if its receivers processing transmitted signals share or the idea of the cloud receiving immense data, both processes require another counterpart to perform at full functionality. Technology seems to surpass human expectation and imagination with each new discovery, each discovery is also a means to a progressive future.