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An Analysis of Gaming Engines

As the gaming industry continues to grow every year, the term 'game engine' has increasingly become popular amongst a number of gamers, developers, and technologically-savvy people. Game engines allow both hobbyists and experts to create games with or without the need for programming knowledge by providing a collection of reusable components that can be manipulated and allows the game to be played across multiple platforms like gaming consoles and personal computers.

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Since there are a wide variety of games and people who develop them, there are also many different game engines which can accommodate specific user needs such as: the amount of programming knowledge, 3D vs 2D, pricing, professional vs casual, and graphics, to name a few. Comparing game engines in the market then becomes a difficult task because of the varying genres, multimedia and middleware support, language and platform dependencies, rendering techniques and many other subfeatures. Today, games are a multi-billionaire industry rivaling Hollywood in size and popularity with an extensive list of engines to choose from to build almost any game imaginable, and is only projected to grow and expand into other trades.