The Traditional Desktop Personal Computer

Traditional desktop-PCs have been around since the late 1970's and have since evolved into many different form factors over the years. It is considered to be the originator and the foundation in the construction of computing. As we enter a new generation of technology, we learn to appreciate this form factor for being able to keep up with the times and still be around 41 years later!

The IBM 5150-Released in August of 1981


Born in 1981,the Laptop introduced us to the concept of computing on the go. It was invented with the idea that we do not remain stationary so neither should our computers.The arrival of the laptop revitalized productivity as we know it today.

A Dell Laptop.

The Tablet

The tablet market was rarely talked about until 2010 when Apple revealed the iPad. A completley different form factor from its predecessors, the tablet changed the world of computing, perhaps for the better. With the support of web based applications, and it's slim, light, and realtively cheap price tag, the tablet has become very appealing to consumers. Over the past ten years, the tablet market experienced steady growth.

Several Generations of the Apple iPad