The Next Generation of Console Wars


Welcome to my Linux project for INFO300!

In this project, I will be showing how the future console war will start. There are lots of new developments in the gaming market since the last generation. I have always been interested in gaming since my childhood and have owned numerous consoles. However, that does not make me qualified to be an expert on all consoles. I stopped owning console when the PS4 was released because I started PC gaming. Because of my "in-depth" knowledge on gaming, I will try my best to view the current console war objectively. However, do not be surprised if the report is biased or unhelpful. DO NOT USE MY REPORT FOR CHOOSING WHICH CONSOLES TO BUY!!!!

Also in this report, I will try to compare consoles to the PC. A lot of people are concerned that consoles are losing their competitive advantage against PCs. They are certainly never going to top the performance of a gaming PC so they use exclusives to compensate for that. Exclusives are games that are only made for one console and any other platform. However, most of the exclusives are becoming temporarily unavailable to other platforms rather than being truly exclusive to one console. What does this mean for console industry? You'll have to read this crappy report in order to find out!!!!