Info300 - Smartphones

Waleed AlZahrani


Smartphones are one of the biggest leaps of the technological era that have changed people’s lives and ways of interaction. Smartphones are taking a huge part in today society’s needs and forms of communication and telecommunication. Smartphones have developed over the last decades to be one of the most dominant and used devices in the marketplace for many reasons.

The smartphones industry is one of the biggest industries in the marketplace when it had nothing to compete with back in the day. The industry has thrived and dominated the marketplace gradually by the late 1990. Smartphones have really changed the way of people’s forms of communication with unlimited creativity, ingenuity and consistency to be an industry that attracts users more than any industry in the marketplace. The smartphone industry will keep writing history and involve more users to the industry in the future, until the marketplace comes up with a new approach to the technological world in a new era.