Internet Service Providers

What are Internet Service Providers

An Internet Service Providers are companies that connect consumers to the Internet typically either from a mobile device or a computer. An ISP is your gateway to the Internet and everything online. There are three types of Internet Access; cable, DSL, or dial-up.

Now, what does an ISP do? Say you're using a laptop at home to access a webpage. Your web browser first uses the DNS servers that are set up on your device to translate the web page's domain name to the proper IP address that it is associated with. The IP address you want to access is then sent from your router to your ISP, which forwards the request to ISP that the website uses. At this point, the website's ISP is able to send the whole webpage's name file back to your own ISP, which forwards the data to your home router and back to your laptop. ALl of this is done rather quickly -usually in seconds.


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