History Continued
History of Baidu

Robin Li founded Baidu in 1996, while working for Down Jones and Company. He developed RankDex in 1996, which was an algorithm that ranked web pages. During the same time, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were also starting developing a similar algorithm that was later on used in Google. In the beginning of 2000, Robin Li was angry against these two founders of Google and accusing them for copying his idea, because we see that RankDex had been quoted when we looked the patent of PageRank. in the beginning, Baidu was just a search engine for big websites like Sina and Sohu, but in 2001, Robin Li decided to make his own search engine for the mass population in China (Marketing to China). Eight years later, the value of Baidu was more than 40 billion dollars while Google lost pretty much all the market share in China. Baidu has many other services and features like Baidu Zhidao, and MP3 etc. Baidu remains focused on local Chinese market while Google maintains a stronghold in the global scale. Google China, which is a subsidiary of Google ranked as number 3 search engines in China, after Baidu and Soso with 10% share. In the global scale, Google is reported to have 90% share of global searches while Baidu has only 1%.

Total Market Share
  1. Google-79.79%
  2. Bing-7.13%
  3. Baidu-6.77%
  4. Yahoo!-5.2%