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Cellular technologies are used in mobile phones which now have been the important part of our daily lives. Mobile phone was first introduced by Martin Cooper who was an engineer for Motorola and became the first person to make a call using cellular technology on a portable mobile device which weighed more than two pounds and it take about 10 hours to charge for just 35 minutes of conversation. He was also credited as the father of the cell phone according to the article (The Future is Here: What’s Next For Mobile Phones?).

From children to adults, we all use cellular technology frequently in the form of tablets, mobiles phones and notebooks to communicate with families and friends all over the world. We talk, we chat, we play and do our work by exchanging files and documents anywhere in the world. Basically, our daily life schedule run on it. The technologies behind it is known as cellular technologies which now has improved a lot since it was first introduced way back in 90s and now has become smaller, powerful, efficient and lot more useful than before. It is because of this technology the mobile phone now is called cell phones.
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