PC Gaming: An Industry

Brief Explanation

PC games, or Personal Computer games, are video games that are played on a computer rather than a console or arcade machine. They have many characteristics but of these characteristics they have two important ones:
   1. More diverse and optimized gaming hardware and software.
   2. A greater capacity in input, processing, and video output.

There is no denying the popularity of PC gaming, especially today. While the industry has had its ups and downs, for the past decade, PC gaming has shown a steady uphill climb. For example, consider two of the most popular video games today: Fortnite and PUBG. Once originally PC games, they've now been adapated to consoles and even smartphones because of their immense success and popularity. Millions across the world are playing PC games. They've become so popular that they have even made appearances in mainstream media. Videos of normal PC video game players, playing with famous hip-hop artists, professional football players, and even big-time actors can be seen online.

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