Social Media, How to make money, Markets and Share

I. Introduction to Social Media.

The past couple years social media has changed how marketing and advertising works. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are all examples of social media networks. Advertising is how the social media platforms make revenue for thier ads. Social media is free so everday individuals will use it. While you are looking at pictures of a your friends or of a kitten sleeping, on the side or in the middle of your video there will be an advertisment distracting you from whatever it is you are looking at. The money is made by how many people interact with the advertisment.

Building a Market Using Social Media.

Social media helps to make brand more accessible for new customers and with existing customers. People are liking and sharing brands, leaving the reviews and posting comments to promote those brands. If someone complains about a brand the business marketer can quickly respond to that person with a solution to their specific issue. As well as thanking the customer for writing a positive review.


In conclusion, social media is becoming a platform that is necessary if you want to increase your brand. Businesses have to innovate and embrace the change in the world and use these social media platforms to advertise their business product or service. They need to advertise in order to make moey, using social media is simply a new approach to advertising.