Top 3 Programming Languages 2019



Here we will be talking about the following topics:

Generations of Programming Languages.

1. First generation languages (1GL)
2. Second generation languages (2GL)
3. Third generation languages (3GL)
4. Fourth generation languages (4GL)
5. Fifth generation languages (5GL)


- What is Java?
- History of Java.
- Advantages and Disadvantages of Java.
- Your Future with JAVA.


- What is Python?
- History of Python.
- Advantages and Disadvantages of Python.
- Your Future with Python.


- What is Ruby?
- History of Ruby.
- Advantages and Disadvantages of Ruby.
- Your Future with Ruby.

The goal of this website is to give information about 3 programming languages, their history, uses and how they will continue to grow in future. The information provided on this website is retrieved from several sources and is up to date as of April 29, 2019.