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Is the Desktop Market Dead?

How do Computers Fit Today?

Computers come in all shapes and sizes and dominate our lives. However it’s only in the last decade or so that devices that fit in the palm of our hands have become powerful computers. In the short time since the inception of smartphone they have spiked in popularity and are now the most common form of a computer any person may have. Due to their high functionality and rapidly developing technology phones can now do almost everything a basic computer can. So do we even need Desktops anymore? Full Tech Brief here for the extended explanation.

The Short Answer

Desktops are still widely used today. Statistics show they still possess 40% of the market share which in such a large market is not an ignorable amount. The power of desktops is truly tapped into when users demand power and funtionality. With all the high end parts that can be purchased and easily swapped in and out of most PC's engineers, designers, developers, and gamers alike demand desktops to keep pushing their limits. Since desktops are the only platform that can offer users the full range of uses, from work to play, it can be said with confidence that they are not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, it could be argued that desktops are beginning to hit their true stride now that the only market producers should care to please is one that demands higher end components therefore, possibly forcing faster development of new technologies.

A quote from Tom Asacker on computers:

Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination.
Tom Asacker

Desktops Can Have Fun Too

Desktops can be a lot more than just big hulking machines that make lots of noise. For many people they're a homage to their love of technology and computers. Here's a few pictures of people who have gone above and beyond to make their desktop more than just a computer.

Gaming Rig Gaming Rig 2