Surveillance Cameras 4 Everyone

Greeetings all, My name is Rojay Chase I am the CEO of SC4E (Surveillance Cameras For Everybody)
The purpose of this website is to inform you all about the different types of Surveillance Cameras that are out there,
where the Surveillance field will be in the future along with setting your business up with the most secure and High perfomance system to fufill all your needs.

Security Camera System Best Practices

1.Camera Passwords
Most cameras come with default passwords, make sure you change them before connecting them via IP.

2.Remote Access
Many home users prefer to be able to access their live feeds from their phone(remotely), this creates a vulnerability exposing the DVR or NVR to the Internet in some way.

Firewall can be very complex and you can expect them to be more complex as the time goes on. If you are a business it is strongly recommended that you assign a professional network secrurity expert to verify and configure a modern firewall.

The Different Types of Surveillance Cameras

Many might think there are only one type of Surveillance Camera or there might not be a need for different types we will let you make that decision on your own.

1.Box Style Security Camera
The most typical, allows customization of the lens and can be used for inside and outside use.

2.Dome Camera
Well suited for enviroments that tend to get dirty, used for insdie and outdoor. Aesthetically pleasing/compact in appearance

3.PTZ Security Camera
Pan,Tilt,Zoom features, Focuses on areas of interest with great zoom in detail

4.Bullet Security Camera
Commonly includes IR illuminators, Good for low light situations.