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Graphical Processing Units (GPUs)

Which GPU Should I Get?

Welcome to my site where you can find out market information, as well as a brief amount of history on Graphical Processing Units (GPUs). There is a technical brief under the Brief page which you can access in the menu. The brief focuses on three companies AMD, Nvidia, and Intel. It begins with a brief history on the graphical processing unit. There is then a section that covers the two primary types of GPUs; which are discrete and integrated. A discrete GPU being a separate piece of hardware, and an integrated GPU, where the GPU is literally part of the mother board. The brief discusses pros and cons on both. There is also a breakdown of topics as to which companies sell which types of GPUs. There is market share information along with other specs and facts on each companies GPU in each section of those break downs. After all of this there is some discussion about why GPUs are important and what the future looks like for the GPU.

There additionally is a page on semantic markup, SEO-search engine optimization, and section 508: accessibility. on the page there is a brief paragraph on each topic and a paragraph on how they relate and work together.