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This site is dedicated to providing you, the visitor, with an understanding of one aspect from the digital world. In this modern time, it feels like technologies can't seem to ever stop progressing at a rapid rate, far more than anything has in the history of mankind. Not only is that due to one or two geniuses coming together to spawn ground breaking advancements, but it's also because of the mass influx of computer scientists and engineers coming onto the scene. That is a direct result of technologies integrating into our everyday lives and becomming more prevalent. This has led to the demand for employees to have a working knowledge of computers. One of the more valued skills in today's time is the ability to program and code. For a person to be able to program or build websites, they would first need to learn about programming languages. This is that one aspect of the digital world that I will lay out for you here and now. Please feel free to make your way over to the Tech Brief where I will be sharing with you some information about Python, Ruby, C++, and other tidbits about the programming language world!

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