Anti Virus Systems for Enterprise Operations

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Standard Workstation AV Software

For Windows Machines:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Professional Edition

Sophos Enterprise Edition AV

Kaspersky Labs Enterprise AV

OSSEC for Windows

Symamtec Endpoint Security

Microsoft EMET



For Linux Machines




The Ever Present Threat

Malicious Software holds an ever present threat to the security of most firms and their services that they provide to their customers around the world. Many instances of infamous Malicious software or viruses have existed throughout history. Examples in rookits,keystroke loggers,Adware,Botnets, ScareWare, and Ransomware to name a few examples. Because of this more steps and measures were taken to ensure that firms have exactly what they need to secure their information and their customers private details from would hackers, and criminal enterprises that resort to identity theft fraud, and other illegal activities. Due to this very reason many services were created to ensure the continuation of business and operational security these include endpoint protection, encrypted networking, ransomware bitcoin reserves in case payment is the only option, and a variety of security and protective measures in the case of standardization of workstation images whitelisting approved software, and continuous monitor and heuristics of all systems on the network, sometimes including honeypot networks to act as shields or early warning systems.