Social Media

What is a Social Media?

Social media is the collective interaction between online users who share documents, interact with one another, socialize and come together. Examples of current social media websites that are the forefront of online socializing include Facebook, twitter, Reddit, instagram, snapchat and the list goes on. As a whole these social media platforms encompass such a huge market share that now a new form of social media has arised where companies have begun adverstising and marketing on these sites in order to increase their reach into the consumer market. We will also see how other forms of investors such as Venture Capitalists play a huge role in the rise of ssocial media and its successes.

History of Social Media

The first social media introduced to the world was a website called Six Degree during 1997. This website allowed users to make a profile and send friend requests to other users, or even if you were not a registered user you were allowed to receive and accept friend requests. It was not until the early 2000s that the landscape of the internet changed as 100 million people had access to the internet and this is when Myspace emmerged, the social media giant of its time. Myspace was the first social media of its time but it was the catalyst that inspired and gave rise to Facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter and the list goes on.