Telehealth Industry


As technology developes, it continues to make our lives more convenient. With a push of a button, people are able to communicate with others across the world, find the answer to any question using the Internet, and even have groceries or products from a warehouse delivered to thier doorstep.

One of the many aspects of life that technology has significantly impacted is our healthcare. The combination of technology and healthcare is a match made in heaven. Health IT has made the rise of telehealth and telemedicine possible and continues to make health care more accessible. Not only do we have access to more information because of medical devices and applications, but we also have the ability to report information directly to doctors from remote locations.

This site covers a tech breif located in the "Brief" tab that will discuss some of the technology, history, market information, and some major players in the telehealth industry. In the "Semantics" tab, there is a page dedicated to describing what the terms semantic markup, section 508- Accessibility, SEO, and how they are all related.

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