Softwares for Universities, Blackboard and it's competitors!

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About Softwares for Universities

My topic is about a something most college students in America are fimiliar with, softwares for universities such as the commonly used educational technology, Blackboard and it'scompetitors. Educational technologies is "the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources". When it comes to softwares, the main educational technology used are virtual learning environments. Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) are a type of educational technology that uses a web-based platform for the digital purposes of course study, typically in an educational institution. Most VLE's in present time, include a course management system that allows students to interact with there courses from any computer with internet access. VLE platforms usually allow: content management, curriculum planning,communication, collaboration and learner engagement. In North America, VLE's are usually refered to as learning management systems(LMS).

A Learning Management System is defined as a software application for the control, documenting, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or programs. LMS is focused on online learning delivery but can aslo be a platform for completely online courses. VLE's allow both the instructor and student to use a common language for interaction outside of the classroom through almost any computer with internet access. Virtual learning environments also provide diverse approaches to problem- solving and a constant approach to problem-solving at the same time. Student users are exposed to many different resources on one platform improving the opportunity for students to excel academically. VLE's gives instructors a place to efficiently store information, which allows students to have a flexible representation of the information they need. Another advantage of virtual learning environments is that it gives instuctors to keep track of participation through an organized fashion. One major disadvantage of a VLE is that is could possibly limit the thought process to those students who might not be willing to give maximum effort through a digital interface compared to in person.