Nas and SAN

Network Attached Storage(NAS)

NAS is storage device that being used to storing data and it does not do anything else beside storing data.NAS is a box that will have multiple hard drives in a RAID configration for redundancy and also have network interface card that will directly attached to a switch or router so that the data can be accessed over a network.

Once it is in the network it can be accessed from other devices such as desktop, laptops, servers and can be accessed as a share drive.

NAS's tipically use in homes, There also used in small to midium-size businesses.


Nas has a single point a failure. If a component failes such as power supply failes in NAS then all of the devicese will not be able to access to the data.

Storage Area Network(SAN)

SAN is consist of multiple disk arrays, switches, servers. Because has more than one of devices SANs are fault to levant.

Data shared amoung several disk arrays if servers goves down the data still can be accessed. The opratin system recognize as alocal attach hard drive rather than a share net work drive.

SAN highly scalable becuse adding storage space easily can be done without any introption on the network.

SAN is high speed network because in SAn all the devices inner connected. They are inner connected using fiber channel. Fiber channels are extrimly fast and very expensive.


One of the main reasons using SANs are not affacted by network traffic. Basicly SAN is a network by itself.