The Latest Advancement in Data Storage

Solid State Disks replacing Hard Disks for PCs

Since the 1960s, specifically since 1956, the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has been the main type of primary storage for online accessed data after replacing magnetic tape data storage. HDDs are direct access media, where a read and write assembly can find its cylinder, head, and sector. HDDs can also handle sequential files, and can operate 100s of times faster when disk files are processed sequentially. In its earliest stages, the capacity for an HDD was only a few megabytes of information while being the size of a picnic table. However, technology has improved to the point since then, where it is possible to have a 10TB capacity at the size of a kitchen sponge. The idea of how the HDD works is similar to that of an old record player in the sense that there is a platter which spins around a spindle at about 5,400 revolutions per minute. That being said, the latest advancement in data storage technology for personal computers is the Solid-State Drive (SSD). Though initially more expensive, the SSD is the new quickest medium of access to storage have become more and more affordable. The premise behind the SSD is that there are no moving or spinning parts and therefore cannot be slowed down from rotation and/or seek delays. This is because the SSD is an optimized version of flash memory by being an integrated circuit where computer chips retain information even while there is no power in the PC. Soon the SSD overthrow HDD technology, which is also becoming less expensive given that it is quickly becoming obsolete for PCs. This is mainly because of the market’s higher demand for quick random access as data becomes less and less needed. Therefore, it would be in the best interest of anyone currently owning a Hard Drive Disk PC, whether it is a laptop or desktop, to switch to Solid-State Drive technology.


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