StockX/Goat sneaker reselling applications

revolutionizing the sneaker market


by Mohammad Khaldi

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About StockX/Goat

What do they do?

StockX and Goat are the first every sneaker and streetwear companies to use application technology to buy and sell shoes. Ever since they opened, they have monopolized the sneaker industry by minimizing resellers the ability to use bots and advancements to instantly purchase as many rare sneakers on release date. Stockx and Goat have been able to collect every rare sneaker known to this day and very limited released stretwear. They have been able to purchaseall products for retail while reselling with a profit over four times of retail price.

App Technology for sneakers

How they developed a sneaker app that took over

StockX and Goat are the first sneaker resell companies to utilize an application to resell sneakers and streetwear. They give their customers a 100% verification on all product and allows users to sell their own belongings with a 6% fee. Sellers must go through a verification process to make sure all products are 100% authentic which is utilized by shipping your product to their authentication warehouse and the companies will ship the product after verification to the buyer of the product.

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