The Nintendo Switch


What is the Nintendo Switch?

Becoming the seventh major video game console developed by Nintendo Co. Ltd, the Nintendo Switch delivers a portable and home console all-in-one by giving its users the mobility of a handheld device added to the power of a home gaming system.


Tech Market Brief

History & Development
On March 15, 2016, Nintendo, a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company, revealed a new console said to be a dedicated games platform to introduce a brand new concept. That console was codenamed... "NX"

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Software, Hardware, and Features
Learning from the mistakes and financial losses of the Wii U, Nintendo introduced a brand new concept with the Nintendo Switch, classifying it as a "hybrid" console that serves and delivers the experience of a home console that you can take with you on the go.

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Sales & Consumer Receptance
With its worldwide release on March 3rd, 2017, the Nintendo Switch has become the fastest-selling console in Nintendo's history, selling approximately 7.63 million hardware units and 27.48 million software units as of September 2017. Want more info on sales? Click here.
The Future of the Nintendo Switch
While the Nintedo Switch is off to a good start, will it end up the same as the Wii U? Find out here.

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