Ubuntu vs. Fedora

A Comparison between Two Major Lunix Distros

Linux Distros

Are you dying to try a new Linux distribution, but you don't know which one is right for you? Here's a good place to start! It's difficult to find the right Linux distro in the perpetual sea of distros that exist, but here are outlined are two of the most popular distros. Ubuntu and Fedora have been frontrunners in the world of Linux, and their popularity has only increased recently.

Ubuntu Logo

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution, owing to its ease-of-use and compatability. It's also backed by Canonical, the parent company for Ubuntu, with Long Term Support and incremental updates as well. I personally would recommend Ubuntu to beginners or light users who need a system that is stable and will work for their every day use.

Fedora Logo

Fedora is another very popular distro that has gained popularity in recent years. Fedora is different in that there are a number of officially supported distros that utilize the major desktop environments present for Linux, such as KDE, Xfce, and others. Fedora is a good operating systems for those looking for a little but more of an adventure, or those who require or desire different operating environments that aren't supported directly under Ubuntu and Canonical.