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LK Enterprise DBMS Brief

About DBMS and Enterprise Data

Enterprise Database Management Systems are considered to be a concept and a business objective for organizations. They are utilized to encompass the information within organizations for optimal use and availability of the information by management on the enterprise level. Because of this, the enterprise DBMS are designed for high performance and scalability because they are able to encompass an enormous number of databases, users, and types of applications. They are generally run on high-end mainframe machines such as Unix, Linux, and Windows machines. Enterprise data management arose so that businesses could be able to effectively generate, integrate, and manage data for enterprise applications, processes, and entities requiring timely and accurate data delivery in an organization. It's main focus for the organization is the ability to maintain the trustworthiness of the data, so that users within the environment can utilize the data without any anomalies or inconsistencies or conflicts occurring.

A database management system or DBMS is a software system that is utilized for creating and managing an organized collection of data, also known as a database. The system must be able to define and construct the data, provide efficient and reliable access to a common shared data resource, allow users to manipulate the data within, and support multiple views of the shared data that meets the needs of different users. The DBMS essentially serves as the interface between the necessary data and the users. It acts to keep the information organized, easy to get, and manageable for users. The DBMS makes the delivery of data efficient through effective backup and recovery. It also defines and enforces integrity constraints through prevention of unauthorized data access. It provides a high-level of independence for application maintenance and development. The typical DBMS is run as a back-end server in a local or global area network and can offer its services to clients both directly or to application servers.


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