Gaming Power: Different Types of GPUS in Gaming Machines

What is a GPU

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is a programmable processor specialized in rendering all images on the computers screen. A GPU provides the fastest graphics processing and for gamers, the GPU is a stand-alone card plugged into the PCI Express (PCIe) bus (Hence the term Graphics Card). GPU circuitry can also be also part of the motherboard chipset of on the CPU chip itself.

Now, many individuals who aren't tech savvy have never even heard of the word GPU before. Look no further, almost all of your electronics contain a form of GPU inside of them. Your smartphone has a tiny GPU incorporated inside to display your screen. Your laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, they all happen include GPUS in them.

Throughout this site, I will be teaching you about different types of GPUS in various machines. I will even include some characteristics for teaching you how to purchase your correct GPU.

Well Known GPU Manufacturers


  • NIVIDA is an American based technology company located in Santa Clara, California. The company itself was founded in 1993 and was the first company to coin the term GPU. NVIDIA is known for developing integrated circuits which are used in everything from consoles to personal computers (PCs). If you owned or know someone who owned the original Xbox, then you were running a NVIDIA NV2A ASIC graphics card in your console. In 2019 NVIDIA was leading the GPU market share with an astounding 56% owned.
  • AMD

  • Advanced Micro Devices Inc is an American Multinational Semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, California. AMD was founded in 1969 as semiconductor production company. A few years later AMD decided to produce their own computer chips which had gained attention the attention of Intel. Around 1985 AMD purchased ATI a semiconductor company who specialized in Graphics Processing Units. This led to the creation of AMDS Radeon series graphics card which is well know for being in the current PlayStation models.
  • Intel

  • Intel corporation is a multinational technology company based in Santa Clara, California. Intel itself was founded in 1968 as a semiconductor integrated chip company. With such a heavy focus on integrated CPU chips, it wasnt until the late 90s when Intel decided to release its first GPU the Intel740 which was ultimately a fail. Intel started to focus more on the research and development and released more successful versions of GPUs. Intel GPUs can commonly be found in your apple devices such as your Mac or even your MacBook.