Laser projector

Laser Projector

Way of viewing

In 1884, a Russian-German scientist first proposed and applied for a patent for the world's first mechanical TV system. Since then, people have continued to improve and change TV. From black and white TV to color TV, from LCD TV to curved screen TV.

People's requirements for TV have become more and more strict. While people continue to pursue the clarity and authenticity of TV, they also explore the size of the screen. After that, people gradually discovered that the projector could better meet the customers' demand for "big screen".

What is laser projector?

Laser projectors use laser beams to project images. Among them, the optical components of the laser projector are mainly composed of red, green and blue light valves, beam combining X prism, projection lens and driving light valve.

There are red, green and blue lasers in the laser projector. After the laser beam passes through the corresponding optical components and the processing chip in the machine, the laser beam is transmitted to the X prism to integrate the three laser beams, and then the integrated laser beam is transmitted to the projection screen by the projection objective lens to complete the entire laser projector display process .

People can easily see from the name that the laser projector is also one of the projectors. But it is slightly different from ordinary projectors.