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Smartphones are an important piece of technology that have started to become more and more popular steadily over the last decade. As the technology becomes cheaper, smartphones are becoming more accessible to people of all social classes. Smartphones perform many functions that are vital to helping the everyday user get through his or her day. We use smartphones to communicate with one another, send and receive data, play games, listen to music, take pictures and many other useful functions. Some people rely on their smartphones to such a great extent, that if it were taken away the person would not know how to function. In this term paper, I will discuss the technology itself and give a brief history, the size of the smartphone market, the manufacturers and their share of the market and expectations of the future smartphone market in the next coming years.

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A smartphone is a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system that gives the phone the computing power of a small personal computer. Smartphones combine the features of a phone like, voice communications and text messages, with features of a personal computer like, accessing the internet, sending emails, and various forms of internet media. Most smartphones typically have a color display with a touchscreen graphical user interface. Smartphones are best known for running third party software components called apps. A virtual keyboard allows the smartphone user to input commands into their device.