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GPS applications have been for a very long time. GPS stands for global positioning system. A GPS uses multiple satellites for navigation and are connected to GPS receivers on earth or ground level and the satellite and receiver send signals back and forth to determine locations on maps or even puts time stamps to keep track of a pattern of those signals. The GPS receivers and satellites are giving are always working and transmitting because they are giving real time data about a position or multiple locations. With GPS and GPS applications, a form of geometry is used from the satellite and receiver connecting the signals to tell a location or give other info.


History Of GPS Applications

It all started on October 4th, 1957 when scientists at MIT noticed radio signals transmitted from Sputnik increased as it moved around, which in turn gave them the conclusion that could be tracked from the ground giving us the concept of GPS.

In 1959 the Navy built the first satellite navigation system called TRANSIT where they had just only six satellites where today we have tons. It was used to keep track of all their submarines, but in the creation of this idea, they created and set a guide for GPS advances. In 1974 military branches launch and 24 satellite GPS system called NAVSTAR, then in 1978 to 1975 they launch 11 more satellites to test NAVSTAR that carried atomic clocks to get more accurate measurements on transmission time and some carried sensors to detect if nuclear devices have been used. Then in 1983 GPS system was open to civilian commercial aircrafts by President Reagan to focus on improved navigation and air safety.

We fast forward to 1998 Vice President Al Gore announces a plan to make GPS available to regular civilians, and in the year after 1999 the first phone with GPS in it was created by Benefon. By 2001 the GPS technology was getting advanced, quick and more accurate companies had started to create personal handheld GPS devices that could be used in your car, for example a TomTom Go5 50 3D GPS Unit. By 2012 the Air Force manages 31 operational GPS satellites, plus three decommissioned satellites that can be activated is necessary.

GPS Structure

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